Red Bull X-Fighters London

As part of a campaign to promote the first ever Red Bull X-Fighters event in the UK I led a team in the concepting and development of an online game designed to bring the freestyle motocross experience to life for consumers. We created a simple yet addictive game allowing users to “tour” the UK completing tricks and racking up points.
To bring a bit of social experience to life within gameplay, we created a version that will be launching on Windows Live Messenger Games in a week. This version allows consumers to play simultaneously while chatting within Messenger — the game passes gameplay info back and forth thru chat, sharing tricks completed, current scores, and winner/loser status. The game was also distributed online across a wide range of platforms including but not limited to: Facebook, Bebo & Myspace.
The game was originally concepted to have an OOH and mobile component. This component was not developed due to media budget constraints, but the concept boards are included here.


Online & IM Game

Jump London Game
A mobile scavenger hunt, the out of home campaign was designed to leverage bus shelter and kiosk placements around London with views of famous landmarks. A transparent poster would allow users to see the various CTAs with the landmark in frame, and to take a picture of the location & advert.
Users would be challenged to take these shots on their mobile, and then to text or upload via mobile web the images to Red Bull. In return they would be earn points in the scavenger hunt and receive X-Fighters content to their mobile.
A smart phone version of the game was also proposed that would recognize the transparent posters and immediately download variable videos/animations into the scene, thereby allowing users to have a bit of fun with the content.
Finally – the scavenger hunt would connect to facebook and the other online components, allowing users to directly challenge friends in their social networks as well as to collect points in the online game. The top players would win prizes related to the X-Fighters UK event including VIP access and various Red Bull X-Fighters gear & experiences.
Out of Home Concepts
Facebook Integration


2K Sports The Bigs 2

To help 2K Sports promote their new arcade style baseball game, I led the Kastner & Partners team in the creation of a online game based upon game play within the console version of The BIGS 2. The goal is to allow consumers to experience a taste of the console game within the online spaces they visit on a regular basis, while providing a casual game that serves as a product line extension meeting the full brand experience promise of 2K Sports.

This game will live across a variety of locations online, including Facebook, the 2K Sports website and as a Widget for install on individual sites and blogs. The game leverages Facebook Connect to provide a common login source and allow users to pull their gameplay into their social graph by comparing their scores against those of their Facebook friends.


The game on Facebook

The game as run on 
thebigs2_hrp.pngWe also pitched the idea for a “Tournament around the Web” that made it fairly far, but unfortunately ran into legal objections in the end. Ah well, it would have been fun as we would have enabled blog owners and the like to place a widget on their page that would have let users play the game smashing parts of their page. All approved sites would be included into the tournament directory and users would need to play thru all sites to have a chance of winning.


Mobile Banking Marketing

Firethorn asked my team to create concepts for marketing materials that could be provided turnkey to various banks in support of mobile banking. Working within the brand standards of a range of banks & Firethorn, we created a set of materials including banners, landing pages & paid search terms.


Banner Concepts
Landing Page / Microsite Concept

USAA Banners