TIAA-CREF Future Journeys

I co-lead a team in the development of a vision for the digital future of TIAA-CREF. By the time I joined the team, the consumer facing components were already defined, and the meaty task of defining the business customer facing components remained.

Thru a series of UX, Design and Positioning exercises we laid out a vision for the full end to end client experience for TIAA-CREF’s retirement plans. I guided the team thru the concepting and design of experiences running from sales & RPF thru implementation, plan management and financial advisor interfaces.
Working with these interfaces and a set of use cases I wrote a walk thru of the experience from the perspective of each of the various users.

Here’s a bit of a glimpse at the range of experiences we designed, for a closer look please contact me and I’ll send a password secured link—for obvious reasons I can’t post anything more detailed publicly.