Lynx Anarchy

Lynx came to Soap with a challenge—They were launching a new variant, and the twist was that it was going to come in versions for Guys and Girls. The bigger part of the challenge? Another agency and the media company had been working on the project for several months and failed to crack their core challenge of:

Create something that will cause a stir in the schoolyard with 14 year old guys and girls.
Bring to life the extended brand promise of “Lynx owns the mating game”.

To solve this challenge and bring to life the Anarchy and chaos promise of Lynx for both sexes we created an excuse for guys and girls to walk up to one another. We built “BUMP” for teenagers. We call it SPARK. And to make it so that they didn’t need to install an app. We’ve built it in HTML5.

To make it more exciting and give the audience a reason to stay engaged overtime, we created both individual and group prizes—with the top group prize being a private concert with 360. So not only do you have an excuse to talk to a hot guy or girl you’d never talk to, but you have a reason to get all your friends to join and play with you.


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