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ING Direct briefed us to help them bring to life their brand promise of enabling a life well spent. We responded with an idea designed to build community & social support; build brand awareness thru good will & buzz; and evolve the brand from just CSR to visibly embracing Shared Value.

The idea is simple enough – develop an ING sponsored online experience that enables the Kickstarter model of crowd-funding, with an ING grant as a core component of the funding. The twist – projects must meet the ING sustainability values of Community, Environment and People. Working with several partners we identified a platform that would provide the crowd funding functionality and a educational organisation that could help vet potential projects and candidates. ING will not only fund these projects but tell the stories of the social entrepreneurs in video, print and social media.


Dreamstarter Home -- Facebook Framed view

Dreamstarter Home — Facebook Framed view




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