ING Direct Super

The ING Direct Super (retirement savings) team briefed Soap to come up with concepts that would drive awareness, acquisition and usage. The key twist in this brief was that we were specifically asked to develop ideas that would leverage tech and experiences to help position the brand as more innovative.

I led a team in the development of several concepts, two of which have been placed into production.

Concept 1: All About the Numbers

Rather than following the standard retirement planning model of showing people a big scary number of what they need to have saved when they retire, we focussed on all the little numbers that come together to calculate the big number and to make it possible.

Interface Concepts









Extended into banners





Two levels of Experiential




Concept 2: Super Supper Series

To both develop great content, and position ING Direct as a thought leader in the space, we developed the idea of running a series of dinners where regular ING Direct customers and friends could ask famous Australians questions about life, money, etc.

All content throughout the evening will be captured and edited for online and offline distribution, non-attendees would be able to ask questions via Twitter and Facebook, and a targeted event would help change the conversation around super.

Interface Concepts





True Character Series

Challenged with expanding the brand positioning of “True Character” and “Always stay true” and helping consumers understand the what it all meant and why Jacob’s Creek cared, we created the True Character Series for use in key markets globally.

A series of stories about everyday people around the world as well as the people behind the products, these stories focus on people that stay true to themselves, their heritage and/or their passions.

We’ve produced a wide range of stories, with initial release scheduled for the web as shorts films, and longer release edits being shopped for distribution to various broadcast and cable channels.

The campaign has now launched in multiple countries around the world with a contest asking people to tell the stories of themselves or people they know that have stayed true.






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