Phil Gillman, Creative Director – Copy, Concept & Experience Design

I’m currently a CD at Soap Creative, leading projects for a wide range of clients with a primary focus on ING Direct (Australia) & Pernod Ricard’s Premium Wine Brands (Global) – having led the winning pitch for INGD and supported the winning pitch for Jacob’s Creek. My role involves a mix of digital and thru the line concept, campaign and owned property development. I’m heavily client facing, not only facilitating the development (and sale) of ideas & strategies, but also helping client side execs understand the customer experience implications of ideas, strategies and channels/platforms.

I have 15+ years of highly diverse experience leading teams and generating great ideas that connect brands, products and customers. My background is a hybrid of conceptual copywriting, creative and experience design. I’ve managed teams consisting of the full mix of creative talent — art directors, copywriters, programmers, ux designers, etc — across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients from Red Bull to Microsoft and beyond. While much of my work has been digitally focused, I believe strongly in developing ideas for the 360/365 experience and creating experiences for all audience relevant mediums.

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