ING Direct Super

The ING Direct Super (retirement savings) team briefed Soap to come up with concepts that would drive awareness, acquisition and usage. The key twist in this brief was that we were specifically asked to develop ideas that would leverage tech and experiences to help position the brand as more innovative.

I led a team in the development of several concepts, two of which have been placed into production.

Concept 1: All About the Numbers

Rather than following the standard retirement planning model of showing people a big scary number of what they need to have saved when they retire, we focussed on all the little numbers that come together to calculate the big number and to make it possible.

Interface Concepts









Extended into banners





Two levels of Experiential




Concept 2: Super Supper Series

To both develop great content, and position ING Direct as a thought leader in the space, we developed the idea of running a series of dinners where regular ING Direct customers and friends could ask famous Australians questions about life, money, etc.

All content throughout the evening will be captured and edited for online and offline distribution, non-attendees would be able to ask questions via Twitter and Facebook, and a targeted event would help change the conversation around super.

Interface Concepts





True Character Series

Challenged with expanding the brand positioning of “True Character” and “Always stay true” and helping consumers understand the what it all meant and why Jacob’s Creek cared, we created the True Character Series for use in key markets globally.

A series of stories about everyday people around the world as well as the people behind the products, these stories focus on people that stay true to themselves, their heritage and/or their passions.

We’ve produced a wide range of stories, with initial release scheduled for the web as shorts films, and longer release edits being shopped for distribution to various broadcast and cable channels.

The campaign has now launched in multiple countries around the world with a contest asking people to tell the stories of themselves or people they know that have stayed true.






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ING Direct Dreamstarter

ING Direct briefed us to help them bring to life their brand promise of enabling a life well spent. We responded with an idea designed to build community & social support; build brand awareness thru good will & buzz; and evolve the brand from just CSR to visibly embracing Shared Value.

The idea is simple enough – develop an ING sponsored online experience that enables the Kickstarter model of crowd-funding, with an ING grant as a core component of the funding. The twist – projects must meet the ING sustainability values of Community, Environment and People. Working with several partners we identified a platform that would provide the crowd funding functionality and a educational organisation that could help vet potential projects and candidates. ING will not only fund these projects but tell the stories of the social entrepreneurs in video, print and social media.


Dreamstarter Home -- Facebook Framed view

Dreamstarter Home — Facebook Framed view




Filtered Category

Project Detail

Success Story

About the Social Entreprenuer

About Dreamstarter

ING Direct Wave & Save

Tasked with launching ING Direct’s new payWave cash back offer, I led the development of a full campaign for customers and acquisition. From positioning concepts thru to logo lockups and direct marketing materials we developed a full set of thru the line assets.

Key Art & OOH







wave-n-save-site wave-n-save-map

Designed to be the a guide to home loans and the property buying process for Australians buying their first home, investing for the first time or upgrading for the first time, had previously just been an SEO oriented property.

We turned it into a more user oriented and useful content site, and integrate Percolate to pull in timely and relevant content.

ingd_mortagage-page INGD-Mcom-Renovating

Lynx Anarchy

Lynx came to Soap with a challenge—They were launching a new variant, and the twist was that it was going to come in versions for Guys and Girls. The bigger part of the challenge? Another agency and the media company had been working on the project for several months and failed to crack their core challenge of:

Create something that will cause a stir in the schoolyard with 14 year old guys and girls.
Bring to life the extended brand promise of “Lynx owns the mating game”.

To solve this challenge and bring to life the Anarchy and chaos promise of Lynx for both sexes we created an excuse for guys and girls to walk up to one another. We built “BUMP” for teenagers. We call it SPARK. And to make it so that they didn’t need to install an app. We’ve built it in HTML5.

To make it more exciting and give the audience a reason to stay engaged overtime, we created both individual and group prizes—with the top group prize being a private concert with 360. So not only do you have an excuse to talk to a hot guy or girl you’d never talk to, but you have a reason to get all your friends to join and play with you.


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Jacob’s Creek Kiosk & Sales App

Jacob’s Creek wanted to install a kiosk in their visitors center that would allow people to explore their wines and the brand on their own. We came back with a concept based upon an iPad application model that would be configurable for multiple uses and brands.

A built in Admin system allows Pernod Ricard to quickly update and configure the visible content. This provides the ability to use the experience in both kiosk and tablet scenarios at the visitors center or remote tastings around the world.
Additionally, the platform is planned and built in such a way to allow Pernod Ricard to easily and cheaply skin new versions for other sister brands.
Screensaver Attract Screen
Home Screen
Wine Tasting Guide



Campo Viejo Digital

Launching a new brand campaign built around the Spanish lifestyle and the idea of “A life uncorked”, the first point of contact for redesign after in-store was online. We have designed a site that leverages HTML5 and a bit of parallax motion to inject a bit of fun into the experience.

While the effect may seem a bit common these days to web design and ad folks, it’s still not something your average 45 year old businessman will necessarily encounter regularly.

A few screens




More web screens:

More mobile screens:





Concepts to Celebrate Tempranillo and the Campo Viejo brand

To bring to life the brand tenet of celebrating a vibrant and colourful life, we developed concepts for a set of experiences and activations designed to bring the region of Rioja and the signature grape Tempranillo to life online and off. The concept centers on an immersive HTML 5 conce experience and a social photo contest.

Web Experience





Colour of Life Photo Contest


4-instagram mobile

Point of Sale & OOH Interactive Display

5-window display

6-end cap




Jacob’s Creek Trilogy Campaign

I led the development of a new creative positioning and a global toolkit of thru the line assets for Jacob’s Creek Trilogy – a mid-level sparkling being integrated into the Jacob’s Creek range.

Briefed to capture the gestalt of a trend focussed around luxurious eccentricity, we developed a concept integrating a detailed bespoke wallpaper with a hint of the “ironic hipster” wink in it.

Initial Selected Creative




Then we were asked to develop a “more conservative/traditional” bridging look that retained a bit of the eccentric. Building from the idea of Trilogy (the three classic champagne grapes used in the blend) and the 3 stars of the logo, we worked off the connection between the stars and bubbles, as well as the night sky of summer parties.

The “Bridging” Live Creative




Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest

As part of an otherwise relatively standard online and point of sale based campaign for a new wine line from Jacob’s Creek we developed an app that enabled people to celebrate friendships and occasions through photo collections. The “twist”? We enabled them to collect photos from facebook albums into a book that could be shared as an interactive album with music, a PDF or printed and gifted as a coffee table book thru





JacobsCreek_CoolHarvest_Memento_create_1 JacobsCreek_CoolHarvest_Memento_create_2