TIAA-CREF Retirement Planner

Challenged with creating a better way for members to understand and plan for retirement, I co-lead the creation of a online savings planner capable of helping users thru the nuances of planning and giving actionable financial advice.



We started the discussion of the amount needed in retirement by relating it to a user’s current income. Adding to this, we discussed these numbers in the understandable realms of monthly income/spending rather than a mythic sounding multi-million dollar “number”. All of this was aimed at helping users better conceptualize their retirement finances.

Additionally, we integrated educational tips, copy and experiential components throughout so users would be inclined to take small steps to improve their savings plan without being shocked off by scary and seemingly unworkable scenarios.

Finally, we presented them with an actionable plan that gave a mixture of immediately implementable advice (buy this asset class, sell that asset class) and longer term recommendations.

To learn and see more, please contact me and I’ll send a password secured link.



TIAA-CREF Future Journeys

I co-lead a team in the development of a vision for the digital future of TIAA-CREF. By the time I joined the team, the consumer facing components were already defined, and the meaty task of defining the business customer facing components remained.

Thru a series of UX, Design and Positioning exercises we laid out a vision for the full end to end client experience for TIAA-CREF’s retirement plans. I guided the team thru the concepting and design of experiences running from sales & RPF thru implementation, plan management and financial advisor interfaces.
Working with these interfaces and a set of use cases I wrote a walk thru of the experience from the perspective of each of the various users.

Here’s a bit of a glimpse at the range of experiences we designed, for a closer look please contact me and I’ll send a password secured link—for obvious reasons I can’t post anything more detailed publicly.